Tao Zhou

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Research Interests

Molecular evolution of fishes and bioinformatics analysis are fascinating to me. Acipenseriformes is an order of basal ray-finned fishes that occupies a special place in the history of ideas concerning fish evolution. Using our laboratory’s target gene capture methods, we can attain a robust molecular phylogenetic tree to clarify their relationships.
Moreover, it is interesting and challenging to ascertain the history of chromosome doubling in Acipenseriformes as they are polyploid. Bioinformatics analysis used to attract my attention, for example, the RNA-Seq analysis. Currently genomics research makes me more curious.

Contact Information

E-mail: ostaotao@163.com
PHONE: +8618817579325


PhD Candidate of Shanghai Ocean University, China.
M. S., Aquaculture. Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China (2018).
B. S., Aquaculture. Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China (2015).

Conference Proceeding

1. Fisheries Society Annual Conference (2017)