Hao Yuan

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Research Interests

I am interested in adaptive evolution of organisms above species level. With the affordable price for sequencing and explosive increasing amount of genomic data, we can have a deeper insight into it in context of genomes.
Recently, I am developing algorithm to detect the genetic signal of nature selection from genomes with a brand new method based on evolutionary probability(EP). Current methods (e.g. PAML, HYPHY) for genome-wide selection analysis is vulnerable for missing data, population sampling error, genetic drift, recombination and restriction on CDS data. A brand new method based on evolutionary probability is initially developed by Liu et al. 2015, which is not suffered from problems mentioned above, while population data is still needed for selection detection.
My aim is to develop a method based on EP to detect selection with individual data only. Meanwhile, I am also working on several basic analytical methods for exon capture data including assembling and post-processing pipeline and detecting cross-contaminated samples.


Genome-wide Scan for Selection
Phylogenetic and population genetic analysis of exon capture data

Contact Information

College of Fishery and Life Science
Shanghai Ocean University


B.S, Marine Biology, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China (2016)


Yuan H, Jiang J, Jiménez FA, Hoberg EP, Cook JA, Galbreath KE, Li C. (2016) Target Gene enrichment in the cyclophyllidean cestodes, the most diverse group of tapeworms. Molecular Ecology Resources. Doi: 10.1111/1755-0998.12532
Straube N, Li C, Mertzen M, Yuan H, Moritz T (2018) A phylogenomic approach to reconstruct interrelationships of main clupeocephalan lineages with a critical discussion of morphological apomorphies. Bmc Evolutionary Biology 18, 158. Doi: 10.1186/s12862-018-1267-1