Qian Wang

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Research Interests

I’m fascinated in the Molecular evolution, Phylogenomics and population genetics.
My research interest focuses on Clupeiformes. One goal of my research is to attain a robust molecular phylogeny, a tree, clarifying their relationships using next generation target gene capture methods. Using bioinformatics select a set of gene markers for future studies on the population genetics and genetic resource of the Clupeiform fishes.
My another research involves population genetics, this work required me to clarify the population structure of Ilisha elongata along the Northwestern Pacific Coast. These works including lots of skills, like construction DNA library, high throughput sequencing, genome assembly, and phylogenetic analysis, population genetic analysis, and so on.

Contact Information

Email: fengkuangbaozha@126.com
Phone: +8613248263026
Wechat: fengkuangbaozha


PhD candidate of Shanghai Ocean University

Conference And Presentations

1. The session of the national Ichthyology Shanghai ocean university paper report.
2. The 22rd China Zoological Socity Annual Conference(Tianjin)
3. The 23rd China Zoological Socity Annual Conference(Wuhan)
3. The 23rd China Zoological Socity Annual Conference(Wuhan)
4. The first Asian Conference on Evolutionary Biology(Shenzhen)


1. Wang Q, Zhang J, Matsumoto H, Kim JK, Li C. Population structure of elongate ilisha Ilisha elongata along the Northwestern Pacific Coast revealed by mitochondrial control region sequences. Fisheries Science. 2016;82(5):1-15.
2. 王倩, 程方圆, 李晨虹. 鲚属单核苷酸多态性位点(SNPs)标记开发及在物种界定中的应用初探[J]. 上海海洋大学学报, 2017, 26(1):8-16.