Suhan Liu

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Research Interests

Phylogeny and morphology of fish , mainly focus on Rhinogobius . Gobies show great diversity on distribution, behavior and morphological characteristics. During the evolution, some characteristics evolved under natural selection , from migratory to landlocked , lost of pattern and aim is to build a Phylogenetic relationship among native Rhinogobius species in China, find the evolutionary mechanisms base on morphological statistics and thousands of nuclear loci using target-gene enrichment .
Also interested in entomology , the ecological significance and taxanomy of stagbeetles


Aquaculture , molecular evolution

Contact Information



Undergraduate in Shanghai Ocean University (2016- )


Xia JH,Wu HL,Li CH,Wu YQ,Liu SH. (2018)A new species of Rhinogobius (Pisces: Gobiidae), with analyses of its DNA barcode. doi10.11646/zootaxa.4407.4.7