Hongjie Li , Graduate Student

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Research Interests

The family Odontobutidae was established by Hoese and Gill (1993), the family comprises six genera and about fifteen species. All species occur in slowf-lowing water in the middle and lower parts of rivers. The distribution of the Odontobutidae is restricted to the sub-frigid, temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical zones of east and southeast Asia.



Contact Information

E-MAIL: 1287270283@qq.com
PHONE: 131 2222 1207


Yancheng Teachers College

I am currently a graduate student of shanghai ocean university.


I graduated from Yancheng Teachers College with a BS in biological science. I am currently a master candidate of shanghai ocean university. In chenhong li lab, My work is focused on phylogenetic relationships of odontobutidae fishes (perciformes: Gobioidei) and method we used is gene capture. My interests are wide ranging and I like sports. I hope to learn a variety of techniques on gene capture and methods of data analysis during my time in lab.