Chenhong Li, Ph.D.

Contact Information

College of Fisheries and Life Science
Shanghai Ocean University
999 Hucheng Huan Road, Pudong New District
Shanghai 201306, China
Phone: +86 21 61900495
Fax: +86 21 61900263


Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC, (2010.8-2012.8). Advisor: Gavin Naylor.
Visiting Scholar, University of York, UK, (2011.1-2011.5). Advisor: Michael Hofreiter.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, (2007.8-2010.8). Advisor: Guillermo Ortí.
Ph. D., Biological Sciences-Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE (2007). Advisor: Guillermo Ortí.
Ph. D. student (transferred to UNL), Marine Biology. Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL (2001-2002). Advisor: Junda Lin.
M. S., Aquaculture. Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai, China (1996). Advisor: Sifa Li.
B. S., Hydrobiology. Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai, China (1993).


I am interested in inferring evolutionary history of fishes using genomic sequence data. We are currently using gene-capture method to collect sequences from thousands of single-copy coding loci. My other research focus is to investigate genetic changes underline adaptive evolution of fishes, such as adapted to different salinity or temperature range. We have started using whole genome sequences to screen those changes.

Book Chapters

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Selected Publications

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I am teaching undergraduate course: Introductory Zoology, Ichthyology, Undergraduate Seminar - Fish Diversity, and graduate course: Bioinformatics, Methods in Molecular Systematics and Ecology.