Fangyuan Cheng , Graduate Student

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Research Interests

Coilia nasus is a small-to moderate-size fish in the Family Engraulidae,Order Clupeiformes and widely distributed in near-ocean waters and freshwater rivers in China. The ChangJiang River, MinJiang River, and QianTangJiang River are geographically isolated from each other by long distances, such that adaptation to the local environment, overfishing, and environmental pollution may be contributing to genetic divergence of the C. nasus populations. Moreover, the lake populations possess some distinctive differences compared to populations that migrate regularly with respect to ecological characters and breeding habits and therefore form a distinct ecological group. While it is clear that marked differences exist between populations of C. ectenes, the extent of these differences remains unknown.I will use way of our lib——gene capure to get more gene maket that can help us to know differences and adaptive evolution between different ecotypes of coilia nasus.

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Yancheng Teachers University
Undergraduate :  biotechnology

Shanghai Ocean University
Graduate : biology