Guoxing Yin

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Research Interests

Classification and phylogeny of fish in this field of my research concentration. Pomfret fishes (Genus Pampus) are commercially important in the Indo-Pacific region.
Systematics of this genus is still contentious because of morphological similarities between. Phylogenetic relationship among Pampus species has never been really tested due to lack of informative morphological characters, incomplete taxon sampling, and that only mitochondrial data have been collected.
Here, we want to collected abundant specimens. Thousands of nuclear loci using target-gene enrichment were used to find a truly phylogeny relationship.

Contact Information

Phone: +8618817332968


molecular evolution


M.Sc., Shanghai Ocean university, China. 2016-
B.Sc., Shihezi university, China. 2012-2016


Molecular systematics of Pampus (Perciformes: Stromateidae) based on thousands of nuclear loci using target-gene enrichment, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (in press).