Anirban Sarker

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Research Interests

Population genomics and phylogeny of fish is the field of my research fascination. Hilsa shad (Tenulosa ilisha) is the national fish of Bangladesh and is not only a tasty fish species but also linked with life and culture of this country. The anadromous fish show diverse adaptations in their life cycle like summer & winter migration, differences in routes of migration etc. Currently we want to understand the population genomics of Hilsa Shad collected from different locations, migratory cohorts and morphotypes. Along with this, my another field of interest is shark. Sharks of the family Carcharhinidae are the most important group, dominating the fishery all over the world, and this applies equally in Bangladesh (Haroon, 2010). The family represented 6 genera and 11 species in the fresh, brackish and salt waters of Bangladesh. Our present study discover their population genetics in this delta land and it’s adjacent brackish and marine environment.

Contact Information

Phone: +8613127884993


PhD Candidate of Shanghai Ocean University, China.
M. Sc., Zoology (Limnology and Fisheries Sciences), Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (20008). Supervisor: Professor Dr. Md. Rafiqun Nabi
Title of thesis: Study on some aspects of biochemistry and osteology of Mystus vittatus (Bloch,1797).
B.Sc. (H’ons.), Zoology. Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2006).
Title of Project: Comparative haematological study of Ranidae (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) and Bufonidae (Bufo melanostictus).


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Conference Proceeding

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